A Bathroom Of The 21st Century

How Did They Solve It?

Removing the washing machine from this place and painting the tiles with special paint. A   new vanity cabinet, industrial style, along with a sink on the deck stands out in the modern bathroom. Also, a much more current key was installed, together with other decorative details that always add up. It is a wise choice to do without the classic shower curtain in favor of a screen with folding opening, chrome profile and transparent glass. Best of all, this radical change took only a couple of days. They won in many aspects, but especially in one: light!

Total Black & White

This is the example of a very old-fashioned and “home” bathroom that aspired to be an exciting environment. The structure was correct, as was its distribution. However, their materials and colors looked very ordinary and too bland to respond to the needs of a teenager. Are you looking at that collection of nail polish or the dirty look of the furniture? Wait and see the incredible change below. The bathroom is unrecognizable.

What Did You Do?

A lot, but less than you imagine. The entire lining of the tub area was maintained, but the rest of the walls were painted or covered with wallpaper to improve their appearance. Vanity furniture is the same, although with a new quartz cover with integrated sinks, as well as a layer of black paint to create contrast with the environment. Handles and new taps, and voila! Nobody would say that it is the same piece of furniture. The huge mirror was replaced by another more modern circular, accompanied by a pair of spotlights. If you pay attention, you’ll see something of the new floor, also renovated thanks to hexagonal design porcelain. Some flowers, new soap dishes, and three paintings. From some to totally chic!


As in the previous example, the base was correct. The entire bathroom had a rational distribution that did not make it necessary to modify drains or water intakes. However, it seemed to be anchored in another time, due to its pink tiles (the photo is black and white, but believe me, it was pink) or the built-in bathtub, characteristic of the 90s.

What Was The Remodeling?

We could have completed this post only with photos of this bathroom because the change is merely spectacular. Keeping the same vanity furniture, it was painted in a dark tone, its handles were renewed, and a thick marble cover was added. For the floor, the old tiles of 20 × 20 were replaced by new ones white rectangular and thin (a laborious effect but with an excellent result). And to complete the remodeling, they eliminated the pink marble tub to install another exempt one. Who can resist a bathroom like this?